Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Going On

The past couple weeks have been busy, Ben is still working in Russellville but home every night now! Rosalyn is doing great in school , she loves math. Audrey is learning so much in pre-school she officially knows months of the year and days of the week! Logan is all over the place and into everything.. His normal place is in the bathroom cabinet. Last weekend was busy, Saturday I had my friend Kelli's baby shower at Mimi's Cafe ( no pictures yet, my battery was dead) then Saturday night I decorated for my friend Kristin's shower, then came home and watched "Up" with the girls while Ben was at the Razorback Game.

Sunday after church I hosted Kristin's shower with two of my friends and it turned out amazing.. see next post!

We are still waiting on our land to be approved, I talked to the city last week and we are on the December agenda... Really the timing has worked out with Ben being out of town.

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