Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feeling Blessed

I was just going to journal about my week and whats going on with my pregnancy and then I read Angie's Blog, Bring on the Rain... well she told a story of a couple she knows that lost their first child at 21weeks, then got pregnant again only to have her water break at 16 weeks, she has been in the hospital since. She is now 27weeks and went into labor they couldn't stop it and now their 2nd baby is in heaven with Jesus... Oh how my heart aches for this couple.. Although we know GOD has his plans it's so hard to understand and grasp such a thing... So as I talk about my complications I am overwhelmed with emotions knowing how blessed I am to have 3 healthy kids and be in my 31st week of pregnancy... I was really worried this week and I have to say I feel like it's not fair for me when people are going through that... I pray for that couple and hope you will too!

So the update on me is.... I am measuring 6 weeks further than I should (Im 30w measuring 36w) We had an ultrasound done on Wednesday that confirmed I have excess amniotic fluid which puts me in the high risk category for pre-term labor and my water breaking. Dr. H wants me to take it easy and really watch my activity level in hopes to carry little Mason for as long as possible. He is also measuring big for his age 85% so the doctor says.. He is right at 4lbs 4oz!!! So yes he will be a big baby!! I now will be seeing Dr. H weekly and having ultrasounds bi-weekly to monitor the fluid levels.. I am praying for a healthy baby whenever he decides to come =) So with that I will officially be a SAHM starting the 2nd week of June!! I can't wait to spend some time with the big kids before Mr. Mason gets here...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Makin' mud pies!

This is what little girls do when they are spending time outside with their daddy!! Make him mud pies of course!

The final product!

And then realize her bum is hanging out!

This makes me laugh so hard!! Playing in the mud!!

Hard Working Man...

So this is what my man has been doing lately... I am sooooo proud of him!! And we have had lots of helpers too, friends and family thanks so much to them!! All the framing was done from Thursday to Sunday including some of the sheeting!!! I can't wait to move in... Thanks babe for all your hard work!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been filled with fun! Friday night the girls had a sleepover, well Maddie came to stay with Rosalyn and Audrey went to stay with Ally. It was fun for the girls... Then Sat morning Ben's mom was awesome and came to hang out with the kids so I could get the grocery shopping done before all the busyness started..
Then it was time to pick up Audrey for Ainsley's 5th birthday! It was fun and cute! She had her party at Boarder's Book Store. There was story time, necklace making and yummy cupcakes with Italian Soda's...

After that we headed out to my Aunt Jennie's for a BBQ. My Aunt Becky was in town from TX. The food was amazing and spending time with the family was great too. My cousin's Clayton and Ryan were there too.

Next was my cousin Riley's Graduation party.. Mind you at this point I had driven from Centerton to Rogers, back to Centerton, to Decatur then to Garfield for this party!! WOW lots of driving but it was worth it..

The kids played and we really enjoyed the nice weather! After all was said and done we got home at about 8:00... I was ready for bed =)

I didn't even take one picture?? I forgot my camera at home.. oh well...

Last week .. a nasty virus

Oh my last week was rough, Monday morning Logan woke up with a fever just low grade. Mommies intuition was to keep him home.. And lets just say I'm glad I did. He slept most of the day but by that night we was so miserable, 103 fever and just crying. He was up all night and wouldn't eat or drink anything. Tuesday I decided to make a dr. appt. I was thinking it was strep, this would be the 3rd time in 2 months.

Well it wasn't thank goodness.. Well I think! It was a viral infection called Herpingina(what a name) that basically causes horrible canker sores on the back of your throat generally in smaller kids and can't be treated. You have to let it run its course which is 4-5 days... My poor baby...

Tuesday was pretty rough he cried and wanted to be held all day ( I felt like I was pregnant with triplets!) He was finally better by Thursday!! He didn't eat the entire time so he has been making up for it these past couple days... I can't stand when my babies don't feel good...

Update: House is coming along!

Land before house was started
Basement dug, walls framed and poured for basement ( it's a walkout, hence no back wall)

Basement once the frames were removed

Top view looking onto the basement

Slab poured

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rosalyn Ann 8 years old...

Time has flown by over the past 8 years. I cannot believe my baby girl is 8 already! I remember being 8 like it was yesterday.


Words cannot describe the love I have for you, when we found out we were expecting it was the most exciting yet scary time of my life.. I wanted more than anything to be a mommy, but that also meant being responsible for the most precious gift in the world! We prepared as much as we could for 9 months to welcome you into this world... During my pregnancy is when 9-11 happened. I was so scared, what did the future hold for our family and for you? When your a mommy you will understand the instant protection mode you go into!!! Although it was a scary time once you came all the fears were gone! We welcomed you a little earlier than we thought we would 3 weeks to be exact... But you knew you were ready to be here and that was fine with us. You have filled our lives with JOY that is indescribable. You are so kind and loving, soft spoken, unique and artistic. You have a heart of Gold and love others beyond words.. You would never hurt a fly.. You love to have time to yourself, you would play for hours in your room and still will all by yourself.

Then when it came for you to be a big sister you were so proud! Although you were still just 2 1/2 you loved her so much. You helped me take care of her and always had hugs and kisses to give.. Now that you too are older yes there is arguing but the love is still strong and I know you will be best friends!

I have enjoyed all the 1st you have taken me through, crawling, walking, riding your bike, falling down, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade.... I will cherish these always..

As you turn 8 years old, our lives will soon be filled with a new addition for you to love and be a role model for. Your such a wonderful big sister!

I am very thankful for our church, you have blossomed beyond what I could imagine in your walk with the Lord.. You tell me daily how much you love Jesus. You speak to him as he is your best friend!! I can't wait for the day that you understand the meaning of what the Lord has done for you.. I pray daily for your relationship with Jesus. That you will have a heart like Jesus and always love others!

I love you baby and we are so proud of you... I can't wait to see what this year holds for you..



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I had the most amazing Mothers Day... I feel so blessed to have 3 healthy children and one more on the way. I always knew I wanted to me a mommie, if you asked me as a child what I wanted to be it was a wife and a mom.. God has blessed me more than words can describe with my kids! Having a child is never an accident it is a blessing... I started young and I have always been thankful for my kids but as I get older my appreciation grows more and more.. My desire for my "job" to be a "full time mom" grows more and more... I am so thankful that after this July my dream will come true... Each one of my kids mean the world to me and Im so thankful to be their mommy!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This little boy makes me so incredibly happy! I never could have imagined what it would be like to have a little boy.. He is so sweet and my most lovey child... I can't wait until Mason gets here to see what his little personality is like...

2nd grade field trip to Tanyard Creek

This week was Rosalyn's trip to Tanyard, so Audrey and I loaded up to join her. We had such a good time, and a workout for sure! The weather was perfect not to hot and not to cool... Audrey and I only stayed until after lunch, we had some last minute Birthday shopping to do...

Sweet Sisters!

Sticking their feet in the creek

They were rolling down the hill having so much fun..

Audrey looks like she belongs in 2nd grade!

Audrey holding Butterfly wings..

Dance Pictures ~ Rosalyn

So this week it was Rosalyn's turn for pictures... Her costume didn't arrive until the day of pictures so we got ready at home and headed to the studio to get dressed.. It was crazy to say the least, I'm not sure if it's just being pregnant or the fact that I had Logan with me too but I was so stressed by the time we left!! There was only 1 bathroom for 12 girls and all the moms... Let's just say I was happy when we were done.
Even though it was crazy I wouldn't change it for the world, Rosalyn had a wonderful time and looked beautiful!!!!

Rosalyn with her friend Hannah

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dance Pictures ~Audrey

Little Miss Audrey

My sweet girl getting her dance pictures done... She looks so grown up to me here, I still can't believe she is 5 1/2 (act 16!) This year the girls started dance at Kaleidoscope in Bentonville.. They LOVE it and it has been really fun. This was our first experience for pictures and it went really well. All the girls did a great job! Here she is with some of her friends from class!

Cheetah Girls!