Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kinda Overwhelmed..

All I can say is we have a lot going on. I feel like I haven't taken pictures of my kids in months. I am feeling VERY pregnant. I had my 24 week check up 2 weeks ago. Everything is good I am measuring 26 weeks, Dr. H says' its fine we will just keep an eye on it. I have gained too much weight in my opinion however DR H says it's fine. So with that said I really want to keep up with my blogging mainly because it's my outlet and journal! My kids have been very sick and were sick again on Tuesday.

Literally it was like my own horror movie.. Audrey and Rosalyn were both sleeping on the sofa that night I hear Audrey start to cough I get up run out to the living room and she is throwing up all over the floor, then Rosalyn sits up and starts throwing up everywhere.. All I could do is cry!! Thank you Lord that Ben was home, I took care of the kids and he cleaned up the mess.

Last night was Family Movie Night at the school, I was head of this committee so I was in charge of setting up. It turned out really great we showed "The Princess and The Frog" and had a wonderful turnout! Rosalyn said she wasn't feeling well so I took her home early ( Ben was home with Logan) She ended up throwing up again... Just once. Then Audrey and I get home at almost 11 ( I was at Kelsy's finishing up last min things for the shower) get in bed I was laying with her for a while and she threw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... Is it weird of me to think this house is making up sick??? In the last 2 1/2 months my kids have had the stomach bug 3 and 4 times, strep throat 2 times and a colds/allergies the entire time...

I just want my kids to be healthy....

So the next few weeks we have a lot of fun things, today is my Best Friend Mandy's baby shower.. Then we have Rosalyn's bday, Mothers Day, 2 school field trips and much more.. Hopefully I will be able to keep up!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Too Long....

Wow... I can't even believe I haven't blogged since the end of January... So much is going on. It seems like the entire month of Feb and March one of the kids were sick, and then I even got the stomach bug and strep throat =( Boo... Well I'm happy to report so far so good, besides allergies that is. You can see the pollen on cars it's so thick...

Audrey is registered for Kindergarten!! She is so ready I know I cried when Rosalyn went but I am really excited for Audrey I don't think I will cry?? She already acts like she goes there becuase I am up there so much!

Logan is getting so big, he thinks he is hot stuff because I let him walk by himself now ( well with a few exceptions!) He still isn't talking to much. He say's momma, dadda, ba ba ( this is his night bottle) dog, na na, and then grunts a lot. Audrey tells me what he is saying most of the time..
Oh and he is totally into books! Its so cute, he will grab a book open it up and act like he is really into it! He loves for us to read to him.

Rosalyn is growing like a weed, I went through all the girls clothes to get out the summer stuff.. Nothing fit her... so I am trying to make it to her birthday...

The girls are almost ready for their dance recital, they have done so well and are so cute in there..

The house is coming along, we have a partial basement now... ( I will post pics this weekend) Hopefully by next weekend we will start framing, I can't wait!!

I have been trying to stay sane through everything, Ben working out of town, building the house, working, and taking care of the kids while being 6months prego! It's really not that bad, but I will say chasing Logan around is wearing me out!

I can't wait to meet our new little guy, I went for my 24week check up Wednesday. I am measuring 26weeks which DR. H. says is something we will just watch ( since we weren't sure on my due date and the fact that I had excess amniotic fluid with Audrey)....
I'm pretty sure we have decided on his name.... Mason Reid Decker

I have been really trying to be the best family keeper I can be, ya know with saving money on groceries ect... So more post to come on my AWESOME savings. and our plans for the future!!