Thursday, May 28, 2009


I always feel off when there is a holiday on Monday.... I wish I were home everyday =} This week is going by fast with lots to do... Tuesday afternoon the girls had their dentist appts.. Everything was good, still no cavities!! They tried to get x-rays of Audrey's teeth but she wouldn't keep the thing still in her mouth, maybe next time.. I really LOVE our dentist, Dr. Caple... the hygienist are SUPER nice and just wonderful with the kids... How fun they get to pick out cool sunglasses, choose a yummy flavor of toothpaste and fluoride, and then get to watch cartoons the entire time!! Then when they get done not only do they get a new toothbrush they also get stickers and a bouncy ball ~ who wouldn't want to go???

Then after that we headed to Seth's baseball game. It was fun!

Yesterday was kinda crazy,,, we had a call about 5:15 saying they wanted to show our house, I was in the middle of dinner and had friends over. So we hurried up with dinner and picked up just in time.. The people were there for a while but we still don't have any feed back yet.. So we shall see.

Update on Ben.... he has good days and bad. For the most part the medicine is helping the the stomach stuff, but if he over does it (which he does a lot, he thinks he is invincible) then he will have the body aches... Please continue to keep him in your prayers for healing and remission...

Rosalyn only has 6 days of school left, I can't believe my baby is done with 1st grade... where does the time go? She will be going to Boys & Girls Club this summer, she seems to be excited. I'm still having a hard time with it but I really think it will be fun for her.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye Lucy... We finally had to part ways with miss Lucy.. I love that dog, but working and taking care of three kids I honestly didn't have the time to take care of her too. She was an awesome, loyal, loving dog.. We rescued her, someone had left her alone in the freezing winter, she was very shy and timid at first. Now she is always by my side. She not to far though. Ben's mom took her and now she has a friend, cupcake the lab.. Debbie said cupcake is really hyper and Lucy is starting to like her. So she isn't to far we can see her whenever we want and I really think she is happier now!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Foods..

Logan finally had his first foods and boy does he love it... I wasn't in any hurry this time. He is almost 6 months and starting to grab at my plate so I figured it was time to feed him. The first thing for him to have was squash.. He LOVES it! As you can tell from the pictures.. now we have ventured on to green beans, corn, and sweet potatoes.. He defiantly doesn't miss a meal...


I love the fact that Tiphanie and I had the babies so close together, the guys think we planned it but honestly It was all in Gods timing... It was been so awesome to go through the pregnancy experience and having new babies together, I love it!! They are starting to notice eachother more and more.. they just stare and then smile! They both are HUGE blessings to our families!

Logan & Gwyneth

Family Picnic

Every year my grandma Margaret's family has a mini family reunion.. So out of respect of my grandma we get together with her family of which I know none =) We had a good time though I had fun taking pictures of the kids, and they played in the rain!

Me and Tiph

Conner peaking through the fence...

Cole eating his cake!!

Audrey all smiles...

Lily and Rosalyn

Field Day

Friday was field day @ Rosalyn's school. I took Logan to the sitter and me and the girls headed to school. Rosalyn was really happy that I could make it, she kept thanking me all day. Audrey got to enjoy all the fun as well. They had tons of water games for the kids to play and of course a HUGE water slide... The weather was beautiful...

Jessica's Graduation

Well my baby sister graduated this year!! I can't believe it, she is 9 years younger than me and has always had such a special place in my heart! I am so very proud of her.. I know she will go on to accomplish so much more!! I love you Jessi....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Jessica Marie Hardin

Jessi wanted to take some pictures to put in her Senior graduation video, so we made it out one day to get some shots.. I think they turned out pretty good.... she if very photogenic!

Rosalyn's 7th Birthday....

We had such a great time, I found this new place called the "Crafty Cottage". It was easy they set everything up in this super cute room and then all we had to do was show up. All the kids got to paint a ceramic and then even take it home! Rosalyn had all her friends and we just had fun! She got lots of cool gifts including the Nintentdo DS =)
Which she is kind enough to share with Audrey..

Then the week following she got a ton of cards in the mail...She loves mail, my grandma always sends a special card with $1 in it. Rosalyn loved it , she said to me "mom look I am rich!!" and to myself I thought yes you are rich with love!!! I cherish all those special things and hope that I instill in my kids the same thing....

Rosalyn and her DS.. Look at that smile!

The doggie Rosalyn painted.

Audrey's art work!

Ms. GiGi helping the girls...