Thursday, October 29, 2009

Right Choices Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we headed to SW MO to visit a great Pumpkin Patch.. It was really fun, they have slides, hay jump, corn maze(very long!), train, hay rides and water fun.. It was a great family day and we enjoyed it with good friends...
Logan picking his pumpkin

Kallie, Gwyn and Logan

He found his pumpkin!

Logan 10 1/2 months, Gwyn 9 months, Kallie 1!!

Ben and Jason with the babies...

All the kids Brady, Rosalyn, Gracie, Gavin, Gunner, Audrey and Ashely..

Goofy Kids...
Waiting on the slide.
Logan on the "tractor"
Fast Slide
Sweet Girl
Good thing this was a slow slide!

Great Consignment Find...

I love, love, love when I find a great buy at the consignment stores... I stopped by From Mom to Me a couple weeks ago just to browse and found this... A lion push and ride, and let me just say it is a hit! Logan loves it, he pushes it and rides it ( well with the help of his big sisters of course). The nose lights up, it plays music and roars! That being said I thing I got an awesome deal only $11 when its $40 at Wal-Mart...

Pancake Breakfast

This year at Gamble the PTO ( that I am involved in) decided to have a Pancake Breakfast to raise money for the playground. It turned out great and the kids did awesome. They were able to serve food, drinks and take out orders... Here are some pictures of the fun...

Ben and Chris making pankcakes!

High Chair ZZZZ's

Our morning routine is pretty solid, well as solid as me getting myself and three kids ready to leave the house by 7:15 can be! Normally Logan wakes up around 5:15 or so I will bring him to our room nurse him and if I'm lucky he will go back to bed until around 7:00 which is great because I can get ready all alone! Well this morning that wasn't the case he was wide awake, so I put him in his high chair with some puffs and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he was a happy little boy... I went to get ready came out of my room after about 5 min and this was him! Sound asleep... I love sleeping babies.. The time is passing so quickly and I'm sad that he almost one already!
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Pictures...

A couple Saturday's ago, we headed out to Bentonville Square to take some family pictures! They turned out wonderful and the kids all look so big! Thanks Lauren you did an amazing job!!
I love my family so much, Im so thankful to have such a wonderful husband Ben you are such an amazing dad, hard worker and provider. I love you!
Ben and I after 9 wonderful years!
daddy's lil' man

sweet baby boy

Me and my girls!

Audrey is my silly girl!

Sweet and Sassy!

Logan 10 months

Rosalyn I love your sweet smile!

Family Talk!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing Much...

Well I have been putting off blogging because I have been with out my camera for a while and I really only like to blog with pictures! Lots of things going on in our house... Ben is still working out of town but hopefully that will only be until the 2nd week of November. We found out a couple weeks ago we probably won't be starting on the new house until December sometime...Kinda bummed, but I know the wait will be worth it in the end!

Updates on the kids...
Rosalyn is doing well in school we actually have teacher conferences tonight. She is really enjoying ballet.
Audrey is little mommy these days, she is always helping me clean and tend to Logan! Yesterday they rode horses at a birthday party =)
Logan is into EVERYTHING!!! This morning I caught him with his hands in the toilet that had not been flushed... SO GROSS! But of course he was happy! He still only has two teeth, the top two are not far behind.

This weekend we were going to go to Devils Den and hike, but then I came down with a cold and Ben followed behind so basically we layed around the house all weekend...

Hopefully I will have my camera back tonight and can update my blog this week...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Grandpa Frank

Wednesday morning I got sad news, my Grandpa Frank had passed away. This is very bittersweet for me, I love him so much and he was always making people smile! He has been sick for the past year and now I know he is healed and up in Heaven with the almighty Father!! He isn't bound to a bed in pain he has been set free and I can only imagine what he is doing up in Heaven!! We will be having services next Tuesday the 20th to celebrate his life...

I love you grandpa and can't wait to meet you again in Heaven!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Vampire Diaries

So I am totally addicted to this new show on the CW.
Its nothing like Twilight and I have never been a huge,
vampire fan but my friend Angela has me hooked! I would
have to say this is my guilty pleasure! Ben just doesn't understand
he watched a little of it last week with me and thought
I was crazy.. Oh well that's how I feel about the big trucks that
drive on ice show he watches!!! I can't wait for next week's