Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spa day with my girls..

For my Birthday my mom-in-law set up a day for mani/pedi's with my girls at Big Cedar.. It was so much fun, the girl really enjoyed it! They got to pick their own colors and be big girls.. I love these moments.. Did I mention I love my mom-in-law! Thanks Debbie.

Me Relaxing..
Rosalyn's toes

She picked Blue...

Audrey enjoying the Royal Treatment, she asked lady doing her's about 81 questions!!

She picked brown of course,,, at least it was sparkly!

Blowing Springs...

A couple weeks ago after church one Sunday we went to Blowing Springs to have a picnic with his mom.. I will have to say I have a wonderful mother in law... =) We just relaxed ate lunch and then we were off for some "exploiting" as Audrey would say! Really we just walked the trail and climbed some rocks and dipped our toes in the creek. Ben's mom had Logan of course.. Here are some pics of the adventure.. and on a funny note, as we were backing up the car to leave I look at Ben... there was a SPIDER crawling up his face so of course my first reaction is to kill it, so I reach over and smack Ben right across the face.. Oh my you should have seen it, he had the look of shock in his eyes.. I didn't even warn him, of course it didn't hurt just startled him I was laughing so hard!! He still thinks it was just an excuse to slap him!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fireworks at the Crosses

After a big weekend at Big Cedar, we got home unpacked rested up and headed to our church for the big show at our church.. it was really amazing and we meet up with our friends Kelli and Tony...


Tony and Kelli

The Girls,,, Audrey,Ally,Rosalyn, & Maddie

Big Cedar with Friends....

Truman Cafe at Big Cedar
We had a great time in Big Cedar, we go every summer and always have a wonderful time. This year we went with good friends and even though it was not everyone there at once we still had a great time. The Vannaman's were there all weekend, Nichole and Chandler stayed Friday and Saturday.. Then Rick and Mandy came up for the day on Saturday. Friday we chilled at the pool all day, then got around for the "Dive in Movie" HSM 3 was playing, I don't really think the kids even watched the movie. I know they enjoyed the root beer floats though. Sat. was another day at the pool, then the guys grilled up some awesome burgers.. After we were all cleaned up we took a nice walk down to the marina where we stopped to see all the turtles. After all that we were off to make smores "on the grill".... Once the kids were tucked into bed we sneaked out to the balcony for a friendly round of Phase 10... I won't say who is competitive, she already knows!!!! All in all I will say it was really fun.

Can you see the turtles??

Root Beer Floats... Yummy!

Logan fell asleep in the Lazy River

Mandy, Nichole, Kelsy, and me.

Daddy and Audrey

4th Of July

Wow... I feel like I haven't blogged in forever... We were without a computer for a while and then once we got it back we have been super busy. The 4th was great, we went to Mandy and Rick's house for a BBQ, with swimming and TONS of fireworks... It was fun and the weather was good. We relaxed, ate and played games while the kids swam... The funniest thing happened, I could not find Logan's binkie anywhere I decided I would go to the store and pick a new one up. Before I left I went to change his diaper, low and behold it was there tucked safely in is diaper.. I guess he was saving it for later !?!

Daddy and Logan

My 1st attempt to get all 2 kids in to look at the camera.

This is the best I got,,, Logan is thinking seriously do I have to have 2 older sisters???

My family on the 4th of July!

This seal taste YUMMY =)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rosalyn Ann

I decided for the next few days I would use each day to talk about each one of my kids... Today I will start with my first Rosalyn...

What a joy it was when she came into this world! Ben and I were young parents, he was 20 and I was just shy of a month before turning 20 when she was born. We had been married just a little over a year when we found out we were expecting... The emotions were overwhelming.. I always knew I wanted to me a mommy... when I was younger thats all I dreamed about and when I was nine my mom had my sister so thats where my mothering started =) I treated her like she was mine and always took care of her, actually I still do ;~} Ben and I were very excited but also nervouse because we had just bough our first house... But I knew it would all work out. My pregnancy was wonderful, I had mild morning sickness but besides that I enjoyed every moment.. I remember the day so clearly, it was Mothers Day weekend and I was only 36 1/2 weeks along. That Friday Ben and I joked with his aunt and uncle about how cool it would be if I had her for Mother's Day ( all the while I didn't ever dream it true) I wasn't due until May 30th.. So we went to bed that night and I dreamed about my baby girl..

Saturday morning Ben left for work around 4 am, he was working at a job site about 2 1/2 hours from our house... I woke up around 5 am went pee and ate some cereal, It seemed like I still needed to pee again... So not thinking really anything I went back to bed for a few hours... To my surprise I woke up with a puddle under me????? I was historical, I had nothing packed and my husband was 2 1/2 hours away... I paniked, I called my mother-in-law Julie and just started sobbing... "Im on my way is all she said and hung up" I gathered my things, called my doctor who ordered me to go to the hospital, then called my work to let them know...

Julie showed up at my house with towels covering the front seat! We made it to the hospital and I was admitted... Ben showed up in plenty of time, we welcomed our baby girl at 8pm that night weighing 7lbs6oz and 19in long!

She has been a joy from day one, she is a laid back take it all in kind of girl. As a baby she was always content and self entertaining... She was my "not going to do anything to fast girl" She never wanted to hold her bottle, crawled at 10 1/2 months, walked at 15 months.. She didn't talk to much and I always worried, my sitter would always say " Jamie some of the smartest kids I ever had didn't talk until they were older" She was just taking it all in... =) Today she is still that reserved little girl, she had a HUGE heart, loves Jesus, and wants to be friends with everyone. She is happy with the smallest things.. She enjoys reading, doing art, dancing, watching movies, swimming riding her bike and being a BIG SISTER! I am so proud of her, she really reminds me of myself...

Although as she is getting older we do deal with a little bit of sas, but I will not complian. She is growing into her own, wants to be independent with her style and her choices. Its actually nice to see what she is growing into... I love my little girl!