Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Pictures

This is just a sample of our recent family pictures! My wonderful friend Kelsy took these and did an amazing job =) My babies are getting so big. Everyone did great even Mason gave a smile!!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wow, where does time go??

It has been so long since I posted. I have been holding off because I couldn't find my camera I found it but now I can't find the cord.. Still searching through the move! A ton has been happening, we have moved and are trying to get settled. It has been almost four weeks and I am still unpacking. But to my defense Ben is gone through the week, we were in Kansas City one weekend, and we have had company every other weekend ( which I love because its our family we don't get to see often!!) And taking care of the boys is work!

So some updates: Logan is sleeping in his big boy bed!!! We set it up the first night we moved in the house but we also put the pack-n-play in there. We just put the crib in Mason's room because I didn't want to confuse Logan more than he probably already was. So he didn't even sleep in the bed for the first week, after that he would start there and end up in the pack-n-play =) Well this past week has been wonderful, he is napping in there and also sleeping there at night. And to top it off we don't even have to lay with him anymore!! I'm so proud but also sad at the same time, he is such a big boy! Also he has been going potty a few times, I'm not pushing anything at all.. He thinks it is fun.

Audrey is doing wonderful in school. She has adjusted well! Rosalyn is doing great too, I just can't believe she is in 3rd grade already. She is growing up before me and it is just too fast!! She is really coming into her own this year!!

Mason is growing so much, he will be 3 months next week! I think this has been the fastest 3 months ever. He is such a sweet baby, his smile melts my heart!! We put him on previcid about a month ago for his reflux, it has helped a ton. He is still my little spitter!! His little dimples are precious.. I will say my I can handle anything attitude has been tested these past few months, having boys 19 months apart has defiantly been a challenge, but I love my boys and wouldn't trade it for anything. Being home with them during the day is the most amazing job ever!

On that note Logan is such a sweet brother. Anytime Mason is upset Logan will make sure I know and he will lay by him rub is sweet head and say in is precious voice "its k baby" Oh how I love that!!

Well that's all for now, I'm exhausted and I have to price garage sale items and get the house ready for the in-laws this weekend...