Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Premier

Its finally here!!! I know I am obsessed I admit it! I have never been like this with any other books/movies but I will say I guess I am a Twi-hard! I had planned to see the movie on Saturday and then a wonderful friend called and had an extra ticket to the 12:01 1st showing on Thursday! So we all loaded in the car and headed out for a wonderful evening! We went to Abuelos for dinner and I have laughed so hard... Our waiter was hilarious! We played the "New Moon" game and enjoyed some great food. Then we headed off to Starbucks to get some coffee to help us stay awake until the movie started. When we got to the theater at 10:00pm, there was already a room full of people.. It was a great night and I felt like a little kid all over again =) And believe it or not we weren't the only people over age 25!!
Awaiting the show!

SillyMe, we were sitting on the floor in the lobby of the theater and this is what I had behind me!

Kelsy, Katie, Me, Teresa, and Mandy

Teresa said this is her vampire face!

The coffee was a lifesaver! I don't think I can remember the last time I stayed up until 3am! It was well worth the AWESOME movie! I am going to see it for the 2nd time on Saturday!

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