Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Flu has found us....

I thought maybe we were in the clear, all of our friends have had it even some kids at daycare and we had stayed healthy... Well that was until yesterday. Audrey woke up with a headache , I took her temp and it was normal. I sent her to pre-school as usual and headed to work. I got the call at 10am, she was running a fever of 102... Since she had complained of a headache I made an appt and they confirmed it was flu =( So we picked up some medicine, 7-up and movies and home to get better...

This morning Rosalyn woke up with a cough and fever... So I would say it's safe to say Flu too. I got Logan out of the house this am, praying he doesn't get it. I have sprayed my house more times than I know with Lysol and washed bedding.. I just want my babies to feel better.

Basically we are still in our PJ's and have watched more Dora than I personally care for!

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