Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Time

My friend Kelli and I took our girls to see this movie yesterday afternoon... It was a really funny movie. The girls just loved it.. And we loved the $1.oo popcorn/drink deal they run on Tuesdays!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Decker #4 is on the way!

We are excited to say that baby #4 is on the way! We were a little surprised at first, we talked about #4 but not so soon. I guess God has other plans for us! We couldn't be happier. The girls are excited and want it to be a girl. Audrey asks ever day if it is a girl! Things are good, I have had a lot of morning, day, night sickness! But it will all be worth it in the end =) It's just odd because I have never experienced this with any of the others?? I am praying it ends soon! We we be expecting this bundle of joy around the end of July. Logan will be 19 months old! We will have our hands full, but it will be wonderful... I go to the Dr. again on January 13th for another ultra sound to confirm the due date... We are kinda guessing since I was still nursing when I got pregnant and had no clue how far along I was....

Ben is really excited and can't wait to find out if it's another boy or if we will have a sweet girl again. Either way it doesn't matter to me...

Kids in the Kitchen

The girls got this cookbook from their Grammy for Christmas... We love cooking together, so we picked out 3 things this week to try..
Bagel Pizzas, Pretzels, and Fiesta Nachos
Here are the bagel pizzas, the kids had fun and they were yummy!

Christmas Morning...

Every Christmas is unique, we generally open presents at our house in the morning and Ben's mom and sisters join us. This year my sister stayed the night and Ben's mom and Heather came over early that morning to open gifts.. Cassie couldn't be here this year because she had to work but we were able to talk with her on Skype!! We missed her.... The kids had a wonderful Christmas.. We went to the Christmas Eve Service at church and it was wonderful, I always want my kids to know the true meaning of Christmas.. When we got home we read the Christmas Story out of Luke and Rosalyn asked tons of questions. I love this age and the curiosity, she said "Mom I am so excited for tomorrow, because it is Jesus' Birthday!"
The kids are were very happy with the wonderful gifts that Grammy, Heather, Cassie, Jessica, GG and Santa brought... They are having so much fun!

Total fashion don't you think!

Cookies for Santa

Christmas Eve we always go to my grandma's house and the kids all exchange gifts with a cousin (we draw names) . We all just eat and chat. When we got home the girls set out cookies and milk for Santa.. They were quick to get to bed so Santa would come to our house!

Pictures with Santa

At Rosalyn's school they did a Winter Wonderland, the kids were able to make crafts to give as gifts and get pictures with Santa...
Rosalyn asked for a snow globe...
Audrey asked for a beauty shop...

And as you can tell Logan didn't want anything to do with Santa!

I said LOOK!

Audrey was going to make sure that Logan looked at the camera! Poor boy... I keep telling her when he gets bigger the paybacks will be big!

Thankful for this little Boy!

I love this little boy, all his smiles, grins, and giggles.. Nothing makes him more happy than a simple box..

Look at me!

This is where I found Logan the other morning! He climbed in his toy box all by himself! Wow.. we should have some interesting pictures over the next few years...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

morning coversations...

This morning over breakfast somehow we got on the topic of cars.. Ben was teasing Rosalyn and said "In 9 years when you can drive I will let you have that little black car" (the escort he drives to work)..... Rosalyn's response was "Nooooooo way daddy, I want a van!!!!" Ha... We were laughing so hard, Ben said I'm sure that will change once you realize van's are mommy cars!!

I love that I can blog this so I will always remember =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video of Logan eating cake!

Little Driver

For Logan's Birthday we bought him a Little Tikes Car... And I believe we hit the jackpot! He will sit in this thing for an hour =)
He is very protective of his car (he is going to be like his daddy!) Every time you try to open the door he pulls it shut and grunts!
Now he is getting brave he stands up an drives with his rear!

And now he is sticking his head out the back window!!

Christmas Cookies

Getting the dough ready
Cutting out

Last weekend the girls and I made Christmas sugar cookies... They turned out wonderful... I don't have a picture of the final project because my camera batteries died.. Oh well we had fun and made some Christmas memories...

One Year Ago...

Our precious baby boy was born! A wonderful gift from God!
Perfect as can be!
The proudest dad in town!
The most thankful and joyful mom in the world!
Our family... only made more joyful by the addition of this baby boy!
I can't believe how fast one year can go... Honestly I don't know where time goes. It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital. This year has been filled with so many wonderful memories. Logan you truly are a blessing to our family. You are content and extremely happy. Always smiling. You are a very good baby. Thanks for making our lives happier one year ago!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

The funnest cake!!

Can you tell he enjoyed his cake???

This is the 1st thing he did, shoved his face right in his cake! Ha.. He is like his daddy =)

Grandma Vonne talking about Mickey Ears!

Yeah... I love my party!

Opening presents, he really didn't want any part of it!

Logan your such a big boy! You have amazed me this year, having a boy is so different but so great!
Crawling everywhere
pulling up
walking around things
eating big boy food
have weaned yourself from nursing and are drinking whole milk
getting into everything!
you love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
play with balls
going to bed between 5:30-6:00
sleeping 12 hours or more
have 4 teeth and are working on 2 more
becoming more independent
love to cuddle with mommy and daddy
like to get into things in your sisters room
sitting face forward in your big carseat
love the walker (hopefully you start walking soon)
You weigh 22lbs and are 29 1/2in long!
I love you baby boy!!!


This is what you can find Logan doing most of the time, he is into absolutely everything. In the mornings while I get ready for work this is what he does. When I'm in the kitchen cooking he does the same thing with all the Tupperware... I guess we will be childproofing soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Farm Fun

The kids love going to Papa Dale's he had a 5 acre farm and all the toys to go with it.. The kids had a ball riding the tractors and scooters!! Audrey is our little egg girl... Every day she would help gather the eggs, she also loved to feed the cows. Rosalyn helped but she is a lot like me, inside works for her! We had a wonderful time...

Me and Audrey
Audrey and Daddy

Papa and Rosalyn

Logan testing out his tractor!