Monday, August 30, 2010

House... its coming along!

Align Right

Wow the house is really starting to come together. Ben has spent many, many long nights even overnights working on our amazing home! I am so thankful for his dedication and hard work. We have also had some amazing friends helping as well. It seems like it has been forever but really it was only 6 short months ago that he started!! Well I went tonight wanting to get some pictures of the awesome cabinets but they had the kitchen cabinets covered because they are going to paint tomorrow.
So here is a sneak peek at the girls bathroom!

Fireplace Mantel, I love it Ben really captured my vision!

Eat in Kitchen area

Girls Closet

Our closet

Day at the Park..

Saturday was great, Tiphanie and I took the kids to the park in Springdale. We feed the ducks, rode bikes, let the babies swing, and enjoyed some tea! Gwyn had no fear of the ducks, she loved them. Logan wasn't too sure at first but then he warmed up =) And of course Audrey was trying to be little miss mommy to them! It was a beautiful day!

I love his fave in this picture, he is looking at Gwyn!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

For our out of town family and friends

This is for all of you who can't see Mason everyday.. he is growing fast!

Where is the baby??

Logan is always concerned about where Mason is I think it is soooo cute!


Logan LOVES music. He is always dancing and singing. He always wants the music on when we are in the car. This video is a little blurry..

Just Photos

I love this one, he looks like a little man!

Bath Time.. this baby is getting some rolls!

Yes stickers, his sisters did this to him!

He loves to play puppy!

Cheese!! He loves his baby brother!

Day at the Fair

Last week some of my friends and I took the kids to the fair. It was fun and Logan loved looking at the cows or " Moo, Moo's" as he calls them! He wasn't too sure about touching the baby chicks!

Mason.. just some pictures

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life with 4 kids

Oh my... My life has been so busy and the past 5 weeks have just flown by. I can't believe Mason is already a month old... I think about blogging every night but normally by the time I get the kids in bed and the house picked up all I think about is sleep! Ha...

Well school has started and the girls love it! Audrey started Kindergarten this year, YAY!! She has been ready for a year. Her teacher is Mrs. Yingst and she loves her! The first day of school was a little crazy but we made it, Audrey did great. Rosalyn has Ms. Willcutt this year, she seems to be super nice and Rosalyn is happy with her. I can't believe she is already in 3rd grade! Crazy =)

We have also been working hard to get the house done soon, well Ben has.. We are almost there only about 3 more weeks and I can't wait!

Logan is loving all the attention he is getting with his sisters being at school for a good part of the day. I feel much better now that we have a routine, I am such a routine person.. He will now play all by himself which he has not ever really done this summer being home with his sisters. He is mister risk taker, always climbing on things and in them. He has a great imagination. I love when he gets his cars out and starts making car sounds!!

Mason is getting so big! I he weighs about 11lbs now! He is such a good baby, he eats great, sleeps great even at night he generally wakes up only about 2 times... He loves to sleep on his belly. He doesn't really care for the swing and will scream if you lay on his back for a long time.

Logan loves his baby brother, it is so cute when we go to leave the house he has to make sure I have the baby he will try to pick up the carrier if I don't right away. The girls love him too, Audrey is always wanting to hold him and if Rosalyn hears him cry she is always by his side to give him his binkie!

The girls have also started dance for the 2nd year. Rosalyn is doing Hip Hop/Jazz and Audrey is doing Tap/Ballet.. They got to Kaleidoscope Dance and absolutely love it... Laine is a wonderful teacher!!

I am adjusting to my life as a mom to 4 WONDERFUL kids... I feel so blessed to have 4 healthy amazing kids.. I love everything about being a mom! Don't get me wrong I have my days when I just want to cry or lock myself in the bathroom but I wouldn't change it for the world. Watching each of my kids becoming individuals, growing and learning. Rosalyn and Audrey are at that wonderful age of having opinions and ideas its really great!

Well I have tons of pictures to post so here they come!!