Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poor Baby...

This week has been a rough one for Logan. He started out with a stuffy nose which I thought nothing of because he's teething... Then Thursday the cough came, by 8pm I was a little worried because he had a slight wheeze. He woke up around 2am and was barley back to sleep by 5am, he couldn't breath and nothing seemed to help. So we made the trip to the dr Friday morning. The doctor said it was another ear infection... this is the 5th one in 6 months so we will be talking to a specialist about tubes. And he also had an infection and was wheezing pretty bad so he was put on the nebulizer with Albuteral for 5 days... Like I said poor baby, the first one he didn't want anything to do with that thing.. Today is day 3 and he is getting used to it. Now he holds on to it. He is doing a little better today but still has the wheeze.. I can't wait for our little guy to feel better...

9 months old!

Logan you are such a big boy! When I look at this smile it just melts my heart! Your 9 months old now, wow how time flown by. Things your doing now, crawling all over the place, trying to pull up but you don't have that down yet, saying mama and dada, every time I turn the radio up in the car you start singing, you love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you watch it every morning while I get ready for work, you are learning how to pull your sisters hair (paybacks for all the picking they do to you), you are now eating the 'meals' in baby food your favorite is sweet potatoes w/ turkey, and your favorite fruit is pumpkin w/pears, when you sleep now you stick your hinny in the air! And as you can tell you love to take bathes in the kitchen sink! I love you baby.... your mommy's sweet little monkey..

Big more time.

Well we managed to go to Big Cedar 3 times this summer, each time it was a different experience. We took a little weekend get-away with a few friends this past weekend and had a great time. I honestly didn't take not one picture... I don't know what my deal was, thankfully Kelsy did! Here is everyone! There was 17 all together and I think we managed to have more kids than adults! Can we say crazy?? Yes it was but it was fun! The weather was great it wasn't warm enough to be at the pool all day but we managed to get some mini-golf, paddle boats, hot tubs and walks in... I have to say this is such a great place for families. We even had a run in with the "friendly skunks" Rosalyn and Ally were absolutely terrified.. Ally even woke up with nightmares. poor girl. We had yummy smores and grilled food... The best part was our night time card games... All the kids crashed on the floor and all us adults migrated to the kitchen table for some serious games of Phase 10... we even had our personal DJ ~ thanks to Tony... All in all it was good fun and I have to say I haven't laughed that hard in a long time....

Say What?

So today I picked Rosalyn up from school and we start our normal conversation...

Me:So Rosalyn how was your day?
Ros: Oh good...
Me: What special did you have today?
Ros: Oh you know my favorite.. ART
Me: Oh good, you are a great artist..

I mean she just said it like there was no question in her mind! Well I guess you could say I am proud, she is determined to be a great artist!

"lil" guy time....

My favorite thing is this... Watching Ben and Logan form that "dad & son" bond... Logan absolutely loves to sit on his daddy's belly and just "chill". Ben has started this new thing on Saturday or Sunday mornings, after Logan feeds he takes him to get the paper and then they hang out in the living room until me and the girls wake up... I can't wait to see the many new memories they create together!

Back 2 School

Well its that time again.... school started and boy are we happy! I just love fall time and routines! Rosalyn started 2nd grade this year. I can't believe my baby is already in 2nd grade! She is loving school, this year her teacher is Mrs. Swank. She is super sweet and Rosalyn seems to like her. There are a few kids from her class last year, but she is excited to make new friends.
Rosalyn... Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you! Each year your personality blossoms more. You have done well so far with school and we hope you continue,,, good luck this year!

She had to have this "Hello Kitty" bag!

Gunner and Ros... he was waiting outside when we arrived.

Oh Boy... 2nd Grade!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hair Time..

Mandy came over one night to help me with the kids.. Ben was out of town and I needed to take some things to the rental. The girls always have so much fun with her. They were braiding each others hair. She is the fun one!!


Audrey lost her tooth!!! I was so surprised, she will not be 5 for another month and she didn't even get teeth until she was about 10 months old... Since this picture she lost the other bottom tooth too. The tooth fairy didn't come the first night.. oops!! I guess she was on vacation! However she was there the next night leaving $5.00 behind. Audrey was so excited!

Play Date..

A few weeks back Annalisa and I got the kids together at Jump Zone for so fun.. The bigger kids played while Logan and Kallie got to know each other. They were so cute now that they are both sitting up they are interested in what the other is doing... Its so fun having the kids close together like this!

PJ Birthday Party....

Who would have thought at age 27 we would still be having PJ parties?? Well we did and we had a blast.. My birthday was great this year because my great friends made sure of that. Mandy and Kelsy hosted this year at Kelsy's house! We had all my girlfriends (well almost all , the ones that could make it) over in our pj's... We ate yummy food, Kelsy made my favorite cheese ball. Then it was on too Mandy's homemade pineapple upside down cake and homemade ice cream!! Then we watched " New in Town" and just chatted afterwards... Here are some pictures from the great night.. thanks girls!
Great Friends.... Nichole, Anna, Me, Kelsy, Mandy
Katie,Kelsy, Nichole, Mandy B., Lori, Carrie,Leah,Annalisa,Me, Mandy C.

Being silly!

must have been interesting we all look focused!

Leah and Mandy ready about Twilight of course!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy,Hectic and just out of routine...

Wow... the past couple weeks of my life have been just plain crazy... to say the least. Once we got back from vacation we had to start packing to move, in the mean time we found out Ben would be working out of town =( So with him gone during the week and only home on the weekends that left a ton of things to be done. We found a house to rent actually it was an awesome blessing, my friend Katie moved to Ft. Smith about 9 months ago and still hadn't sold her house. So we are renting it!!! Its just perfect with an attic and garage to store all of our "crap" and we don't have to rent a storage unit. The rent is a wonderful price and it helps them out too! We decided to move a week before our closing, we had tons of help from all of our wonderful friends!! Thanks to everyone... we were able to move in just a day! (well all the house stuff, excluding Ben's shed) I have to say, we have been blessed beyond measure with some of the greatest friends... Its been had having Ben out of town ( Props to all the single mom's and mom's with husbands out of the country) A BIG THANK YOU to Seth!!! He went way above and beyond going to get a trailer load of shed stuff and unloading it and organizing it in the garage... That was an incredible thing to do and then he helped Ben load up all the fire wood as well.... =)

So needless to say we are now moved and closed on our house!!! During all the chaos we had 3 sick kids and I had the Grape Festival... Praise God everyone is doing much better and life is getting somewhat back to normal....