Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Premier

Its finally here!!! I know I am obsessed I admit it! I have never been like this with any other books/movies but I will say I guess I am a Twi-hard! I had planned to see the movie on Saturday and then a wonderful friend called and had an extra ticket to the 12:01 1st showing on Thursday! So we all loaded in the car and headed out for a wonderful evening! We went to Abuelos for dinner and I have laughed so hard... Our waiter was hilarious! We played the "New Moon" game and enjoyed some great food. Then we headed off to Starbucks to get some coffee to help us stay awake until the movie started. When we got to the theater at 10:00pm, there was already a room full of people.. It was a great night and I felt like a little kid all over again =) And believe it or not we weren't the only people over age 25!!
Awaiting the show!

SillyMe, we were sitting on the floor in the lobby of the theater and this is what I had behind me!

Kelsy, Katie, Me, Teresa, and Mandy

Teresa said this is her vampire face!

The coffee was a lifesaver! I don't think I can remember the last time I stayed up until 3am! It was well worth the AWESOME movie! I am going to see it for the 2nd time on Saturday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Making the most of my quiet afternoon

I have been home since Monday with my little sick girls... Although being sick is not fun, I love being home with them. God willing I will be a stay at home mom one day! Today is day 3 and Audrey is feeling much much better. Rosalyn on the other hand is not good. I think she has it worse than Audrey. She has ran at least 101 all day even with Tylenol. So why the kids were doing this...

I was doing this! Drinking homemade cocoa and reading! Tomorrow night is the opening night of NEW MOON~~~ and a great friend was able to get me tickets to the midnight show... I can't wait. I am only reading the book for the 3rd time =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Car, well to me =)

We have been looking to trade my current car for a van with the hopes to not have a car payment anymore... We have been looking online, local and nearby. Last weekend Ben made a trip to Pittsburg KS to look at a potential van.. It was nothing like we had hoped for. However on his way home he made a pitt stop and found a great deal, after a few days of negotiations I am happy to say we are now owners of a new van ( well new to me) and car payment FREE!!!! Oh how I love to say that!!! Can you tell Im super happy =)

I love the van its simple, roomy and paid for! It's a 2006 Ford Freestar and perfect for our family of 5....

Thank you Lord for my amazing husband and his ability to find good deals, negotiate beyond what I could ever imagine, and know mechanically if its worth it!!!

The Flu has found us....

I thought maybe we were in the clear, all of our friends have had it even some kids at daycare and we had stayed healthy... Well that was until yesterday. Audrey woke up with a headache , I took her temp and it was normal. I sent her to pre-school as usual and headed to work. I got the call at 10am, she was running a fever of 102... Since she had complained of a headache I made an appt and they confirmed it was flu =( So we picked up some medicine, 7-up and movies and home to get better...

This morning Rosalyn woke up with a cough and fever... So I would say it's safe to say Flu too. I got Logan out of the house this am, praying he doesn't get it. I have sprayed my house more times than I know with Lysol and washed bedding.. I just want my babies to feel better.

Basically we are still in our PJ's and have watched more Dora than I personally care for!

Kristin and JJ's babie's Shower

Angela is carrying twins as a surrogate for Kristin and JJ.. I am so happy for Kristin and JJ and so happy that Angela was selfless enough to give them this gift! They did this with IVF and it worked the 1st time!!! Now if you know anything about IVF you know that is a miracle... They are expecting twins the beginning of March and its a BOY and GIRL!!! I couldn't be happier for this couple, they have been through so much and to see how amazing our GOD is just makes me smile from ear to ear....
We celebrated these little miracles to come by shower Kristin and JJ with love...
Surrogate momma Angela with momma Kristin
Hostess with momma

The cake was amazing...

Kristin and JJ opening gifts

What's Going On

The past couple weeks have been busy, Ben is still working in Russellville but home every night now! Rosalyn is doing great in school , she loves math. Audrey is learning so much in pre-school she officially knows months of the year and days of the week! Logan is all over the place and into everything.. His normal place is in the bathroom cabinet. Last weekend was busy, Saturday I had my friend Kelli's baby shower at Mimi's Cafe ( no pictures yet, my battery was dead) then Saturday night I decorated for my friend Kristin's shower, then came home and watched "Up" with the girls while Ben was at the Razorback Game.

Sunday after church I hosted Kristin's shower with two of my friends and it turned out amazing.. see next post!

We are still waiting on our land to be approved, I talked to the city last week and we are on the December agenda... Really the timing has worked out with Ben being out of town.

Proud Daddy

Last weekend Ben had some fun with Logan... He was so proud of these pictures.. He thinks Logan is already a FORD MAN!

Kicking off the Holiday Season...

My church held a LNO with a Holiday them last Monday. It was a great time to fellowship with other women. It was so much fun we had dinner, music, craft and decorating ideas, they made this Christmas Ball Wreath below... (I plan on making one!) I was able to sit with some of my good friends Kelsy, Nichole, Mandy, and Kristin...

Cuddle Time

This was what I walked into the other day.. Logan and Audrey cuddling on the couch.. She is such a momma and will hold him hostage most of the time! But this time he actually was enjoying this.. I believe the fact that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on TV had something to do with his stillness, he doesn't sit still for to long these days..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sassy Jazz.. Little Miss

Rosalyn's Tap Class

Dance Class

The girls started Dance this year at Kaleidoscope Dance. They just LOVE it.
Audrey is in Jazz/Hip Hop and Rosalyn is in Ballet/Tap. They fit their personalities just perfect! Last night was parent view night to see the progress and it was so much fun watching them. My mom and my mother-in-law both came to watch and the girls were just ecstatic!

Big Box of Nothing = Extreme Happiness!

Logan found the empty diaper box earlier this week, and lets just say he had a ball! This amused him for over 30 min!! I think this is what we will get him for Christmas!

Wondering why I keep taking pictures!

He would put the purple thing in the box and take it out then laugh!

Happy Halloween 2009

Logan is the Sock Monkey! He hated the hat that is why I'm holding his hands down, he finally left it alone after about and hour.
Audrey is a black kitty and Rosalyn is a Witch...

Monday, November 2, 2009

11 months old!

My little man turned 11 months on Sunday.... It's hard to believe how fast these past months have flown! I enjoy each and everyday and can't wait for all the other milestones to come! You are all over the place crawling everywhere pulling up on everything and into everything you shouldn't be...

Things you like to do:

Play Peek a Boo
Blow Raspberries
Play with the toilet paper roll
Walk with your Lion
Sit in the laundry basket
Lights( the ones on the the T.V. computer, remote ect...)

You are still eating baby food but we have started to give you a lot more table food...You LOVE cheese sticks and banana's! You had eggs for the first time last week. You are still nursing about 4 times a day. My plan is to have you only on the night shift by 1! We will see how that goes... =) We also switched you to your big boy car seat!

Things you don't like:

Chunky Baby Food... your faces are priceless!
Being picked up by your sisters 24/7
Mommy dropping you off at church on Sunday nights.. ( your a mommas boy in the evening)
Being stuck in your high chair

It's hard to believe next month you will be one, it seems like it was just yesterday.. I love you Logan!
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