Friday, July 30, 2010

One Week Old!

This week has just flown by, I can't believe Mason is already one week. Everyone is adjusting still, I have been pretty emotional this time. As the week has gone by and I have adjusted its getting better. Its been tough Ben went back to work on Monday and then as soon as he is done he out working on the house, which I am super happy about but its just been hard... Thanks to my wonderful MIL and great friends they have helped so much... Today Mason's cord fell off, that was the quickest for any of my kids... It has always taken at least 2 weeks so I was shocked today...

Yesterday my wonderful friend Kelsy took Mason's first pictures. They turned out wonderful I just have a few right now so I can't wait to see the final results..

Also today was a big day, it was my first real outing with the kids and also my sister-in-law Heather was able to come into town ( she lives in New York) to see the kids. She is an amazing Aunt and we are so happy to have her home for the weekend...

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