Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mason's Birth Story

We started our Wednesday July 21 very early. We arrived at the hospital around 4:45 for my induction. We got all settled in and I was lucky to have my dear friend Kelli is a nurse there and was able to prep me for my day! The got the pictocin started and Dr. Hannah broke my water around 7:30. I started having contractions about every 2 min, they weren't to painful at the point. Finally around 10am the nursed checked me and I was still only at a 2 1/2 cm... Disappointed I was... Then from there it is kinda a blur because it seemed to go so quick.. The contractions started to get very painful and longer, Mason's heart rate kept dropping so they decided an internal monitor would be best, she checked me again and I was at 3cm, then around 12:00 I decided I was ready for my epidural. By the time the anesthesia dr. arrived I was thinking he couldn't stick me any sooner!! Ha... I was at 5cm by this point. Unfortunately my epidural didn't fully kick in ever =( It pretty much numbed my legs and took the edge off for about 30 min but once I was ready to push it was gone... But thankfully I was complete 10cm by 1:20 or so and ready to push, 3 big pushes and our little guy was here!! He was perfect and I was overwhelmed with tears,,,, happy tears of course! He was here at 1:31 pm weighing 8lbs 40z and 20in long...

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