Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

The funnest cake!!

Can you tell he enjoyed his cake???

This is the 1st thing he did, shoved his face right in his cake! Ha.. He is like his daddy =)

Grandma Vonne talking about Mickey Ears!

Yeah... I love my party!

Opening presents, he really didn't want any part of it!

Logan your such a big boy! You have amazed me this year, having a boy is so different but so great!
Crawling everywhere
pulling up
walking around things
eating big boy food
have weaned yourself from nursing and are drinking whole milk
getting into everything!
you love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
play with balls
going to bed between 5:30-6:00
sleeping 12 hours or more
have 4 teeth and are working on 2 more
becoming more independent
love to cuddle with mommy and daddy
like to get into things in your sisters room
sitting face forward in your big carseat
love the walker (hopefully you start walking soon)
You weigh 22lbs and are 29 1/2in long!
I love you baby boy!!!

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