Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning...

Every Christmas is unique, we generally open presents at our house in the morning and Ben's mom and sisters join us. This year my sister stayed the night and Ben's mom and Heather came over early that morning to open gifts.. Cassie couldn't be here this year because she had to work but we were able to talk with her on Skype!! We missed her.... The kids had a wonderful Christmas.. We went to the Christmas Eve Service at church and it was wonderful, I always want my kids to know the true meaning of Christmas.. When we got home we read the Christmas Story out of Luke and Rosalyn asked tons of questions. I love this age and the curiosity, she said "Mom I am so excited for tomorrow, because it is Jesus' Birthday!"
The kids are were very happy with the wonderful gifts that Grammy, Heather, Cassie, Jessica, GG and Santa brought... They are having so much fun!

Total fashion don't you think!

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