Sunday, August 30, 2009

9 months old!

Logan you are such a big boy! When I look at this smile it just melts my heart! Your 9 months old now, wow how time flown by. Things your doing now, crawling all over the place, trying to pull up but you don't have that down yet, saying mama and dada, every time I turn the radio up in the car you start singing, you love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you watch it every morning while I get ready for work, you are learning how to pull your sisters hair (paybacks for all the picking they do to you), you are now eating the 'meals' in baby food your favorite is sweet potatoes w/ turkey, and your favorite fruit is pumpkin w/pears, when you sleep now you stick your hinny in the air! And as you can tell you love to take bathes in the kitchen sink! I love you baby.... your mommy's sweet little monkey..

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