Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blowing Springs...

A couple weeks ago after church one Sunday we went to Blowing Springs to have a picnic with his mom.. I will have to say I have a wonderful mother in law... =) We just relaxed ate lunch and then we were off for some "exploiting" as Audrey would say! Really we just walked the trail and climbed some rocks and dipped our toes in the creek. Ben's mom had Logan of course.. Here are some pics of the adventure.. and on a funny note, as we were backing up the car to leave I look at Ben... there was a SPIDER crawling up his face so of course my first reaction is to kill it, so I reach over and smack Ben right across the face.. Oh my you should have seen it, he had the look of shock in his eyes.. I didn't even warn him, of course it didn't hurt just startled him I was laughing so hard!! He still thinks it was just an excuse to slap him!!!

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