Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Cedar with Friends....

Truman Cafe at Big Cedar
We had a great time in Big Cedar, we go every summer and always have a wonderful time. This year we went with good friends and even though it was not everyone there at once we still had a great time. The Vannaman's were there all weekend, Nichole and Chandler stayed Friday and Saturday.. Then Rick and Mandy came up for the day on Saturday. Friday we chilled at the pool all day, then got around for the "Dive in Movie" HSM 3 was playing, I don't really think the kids even watched the movie. I know they enjoyed the root beer floats though. Sat. was another day at the pool, then the guys grilled up some awesome burgers.. After we were all cleaned up we took a nice walk down to the marina where we stopped to see all the turtles. After all that we were off to make smores "on the grill".... Once the kids were tucked into bed we sneaked out to the balcony for a friendly round of Phase 10... I won't say who is competitive, she already knows!!!! All in all I will say it was really fun.

Can you see the turtles??

Root Beer Floats... Yummy!

Logan fell asleep in the Lazy River

Mandy, Nichole, Kelsy, and me.

Daddy and Audrey

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