Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th Of July

Wow... I feel like I haven't blogged in forever... We were without a computer for a while and then once we got it back we have been super busy. The 4th was great, we went to Mandy and Rick's house for a BBQ, with swimming and TONS of fireworks... It was fun and the weather was good. We relaxed, ate and played games while the kids swam... The funniest thing happened, I could not find Logan's binkie anywhere I decided I would go to the store and pick a new one up. Before I left I went to change his diaper, low and behold it was there tucked safely in is diaper.. I guess he was saving it for later !?!

Daddy and Logan

My 1st attempt to get all 2 kids in to look at the camera.

This is the best I got,,, Logan is thinking seriously do I have to have 2 older sisters???

My family on the 4th of July!

This seal taste YUMMY =)

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