Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last week .. a nasty virus

Oh my last week was rough, Monday morning Logan woke up with a fever just low grade. Mommies intuition was to keep him home.. And lets just say I'm glad I did. He slept most of the day but by that night we was so miserable, 103 fever and just crying. He was up all night and wouldn't eat or drink anything. Tuesday I decided to make a dr. appt. I was thinking it was strep, this would be the 3rd time in 2 months.

Well it wasn't thank goodness.. Well I think! It was a viral infection called Herpingina(what a name) that basically causes horrible canker sores on the back of your throat generally in smaller kids and can't be treated. You have to let it run its course which is 4-5 days... My poor baby...

Tuesday was pretty rough he cried and wanted to be held all day ( I felt like I was pregnant with triplets!) He was finally better by Thursday!! He didn't eat the entire time so he has been making up for it these past couple days... I can't stand when my babies don't feel good...

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