Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been filled with fun! Friday night the girls had a sleepover, well Maddie came to stay with Rosalyn and Audrey went to stay with Ally. It was fun for the girls... Then Sat morning Ben's mom was awesome and came to hang out with the kids so I could get the grocery shopping done before all the busyness started..
Then it was time to pick up Audrey for Ainsley's 5th birthday! It was fun and cute! She had her party at Boarder's Book Store. There was story time, necklace making and yummy cupcakes with Italian Soda's...

After that we headed out to my Aunt Jennie's for a BBQ. My Aunt Becky was in town from TX. The food was amazing and spending time with the family was great too. My cousin's Clayton and Ryan were there too.

Next was my cousin Riley's Graduation party.. Mind you at this point I had driven from Centerton to Rogers, back to Centerton, to Decatur then to Garfield for this party!! WOW lots of driving but it was worth it..

The kids played and we really enjoyed the nice weather! After all was said and done we got home at about 8:00... I was ready for bed =)

I didn't even take one picture?? I forgot my camera at home.. oh well...

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