Saturday, September 19, 2009

Audrey's 5!!!!

The last five years have flown by... I remember each picture below the time and place.. I don't have a lot of baby pictures because we didn't have a digital camera until you were about 1 so they are all in albums.. Audrey mommy and daddy love you so much! You are growing into such a wonderful little girl. Your are strong-willed, caring, motherly, funny, daring, full of energy, and you love to be right at my hip all the time...but I love it because I know if I need to snuggle that you will be right there ( your trying to sit on my lap as I type this!!) Your a very smart girl.. You didn't make the kindergarten cut off this year your birthday is 15 days short of the cut off. But are loving Mrs. Michele's Preschool and will be very prepared for next year... You are always writing your name, counting, playing mommy to your babies, singing to the radio ~ you love Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, taking dance class, or you are doing something to your brother!! I can't believe you are already 5, I can't wait to see what the next few years hold... Happy Birthday Baby....

Your 4th B-day

Long day! You saw Diego with Grammy.

Halloween age 3! You wanted to be a nurse like Aunt Cassie.

This is were we would always find you asleep!

Your 3rd Birthday!

Helping me cook as always!

Age 2 look at that hair!

Age 2 at Papa and Julies...

Age 1.. we had just moved back to Arkansas.

3 months old
A little over 1 month...

Mommy, Rosalyn and You!
You were very ready to come out! We called you cottage cheese baby!! Once you were all cleaned up you were just perfect!
In my belly around 34 weeks!! Just perfect!

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