Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Start of Summer

Well I haven't been able to blog, because our computer was fried by the storms last week. All of my pictures are on there so I am hoping that Seth is able to fix it.....

Whats been going on?? Well summer is in full swing, we are already booked up until the end of July I think?? I remember summer being much longer as a kid, now it seems to just fly by.. Rosalyn started at the Boys & Girls club and loves it, she is making some new friends... Audrey is loving the attention she is getting at school because there aren't as many kids there in the summer.
Last weekend we took the kids the the drive in movie.... It was a great time, we stopped on the way to pick up snacks then we layed the seats down and all snuggled up in the back of my car... They were showing "UP" and " Hannah Montana the Movie".... Ben took a nap during "UP", then was awake for HM... The movies didn't start till 9pm. Rosalyn was awake the entire time, we left about 1am. Logan was a trooper, it was kinda muggy and he just snuggled up with me the entire time =)

Saturday we went to my Grandma's, my cousin Freddy was in town visiting. Then Saturday night was Jarad and Krystal's wedding at Cedar Ridge.. They looked great and the wedding was beautiful.

Sunday was Jayden's birthday party at the pool in BV. I thought we were going to get rained out, but low and behold it stopped just in time for the party! The girls had a blast and Logan even got to swim, he didn't know what to think about it at first... then he LOVED it!

Logan is teething full force right now, poor little guy... I hope they break through soon, he is miserable. Well I'm off for now. Hopefully I will have some pictures (praying) by next week....

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